The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region and TRAZER Partner to take Strengthening to a Holistic New Level






The TRAZER System will be available at eight Colorado Springs locations to give members a fun workout experience that improves physical and cognitive performance.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, January 16, 2023 – Designed for injury recovery, injury prevention, and enhancing performance, TRAZER combines immersive simulation and reaction-based challenges to deliver engaging and holistic workouts and drills designed to improve both physical and cognitive function. A multi-purpose technology with wide-ranging applications spanning healthcare, senior care, sports, wellness, orthotics & prosthetics, and workplace injury prevention, TRAZER helps everybody move better regardless of age or level of physical capability.

TRAZER is pleased to partner with The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region to offer an innovative and fun fitness, health and wellness technology that accommodates multiple populations within the communities they serve.. 

  • Engaging activities that enhance movement and cognitive function. 
  • Comprehensive assessments offer peace of mind and the ability to identify weakness and risk of injury together with the activities to mitigate risk and improve performance over time. 
  • Unique technology that is multi-dimensional, multi-purpose, and engaging for Members of all ages.
  • TRAZER accommodates the use of assistive devices, making it safe for Seniors, injured Veterans, and other individuals who may need assistance.

TRAZER aligns with our mission to serve the diverse populations within our communities and make real impact.  TRAZER features gamified activities that make working out fun for kids, seniors, and elite athletes alike,” says Boyd Williams, President and CEO of The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region said. Boyd continued, “The system not only helps identify weaknesses that could result in falls for seniors or poor performance in athletes, it features the very activities that can address those deficits. TRAZER gives us the ability to do outreach throughout our communities to offer fall risk assessments or pre-season assessments for sports teams. More importantly, it adds a very unique opportunity for our Members.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Boyd and the team across The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region. This partnership will establish a universal platform that can be expanded to impact the millions of people served by the YMCA nationwide and abroad.” expresses TRAZER CEO Harlan Lyons.













Dr. Randy Cohen, TRAZER’s VP of Elite Performance & Clinical Education and a retired Associate AD Medical Services at the University of Arizona, emphasizes “The significance of optimizing both physical and cognitive functions with TRAZER. TRAZER brings unique features, including a controlled environment with random stimuli and the ability to measure awareness in space, reaction time, asymmetries, and deceleration, helping identify deficits that may lead to injury or poor performance. By providing immersive activities in a natural environment free of sensors or wearables, TRAZER accurately and objectively tracks progress and improvement over time. Recognizing these weaknesses early on is critical in preventing injuries and risks of poor performance, making it essential to identify them before returning individuals to work or play to prevent reinjury.”



Created by Trazer Inc., TRAZER is a multi-purpose technology with applications spanning healthcare, senior care, sports, and wellness. Designed for injury recovery, injury prevention, and enhancing performance, TRAZER combines immersive simulation and motion-capture technology to improve physical and cognitive function regardless of age or level of physical capability. Through game-like activities, TRAZER captures every nuance of movement to generate quantitative data that can be leveraged to deliver better outcomes for Users, Providers, and Organizations across the continuum of human movement.

About The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region

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