Patented Technology

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Patented Technology

Key to the success of TRAZER are patents around dynamic movment and Neuromechanics.  TRAZER features 20 assessments that track how the brain and body work together through activities that are rehabilitative physically and cognitively — such as the Lateral Flanker which directs the User to follow directional arrows to a corresponding lateral “bumper” (location on the monitor).  Measuring not only speed, distance, and asymmetrical movement, but accuracy between congruent cues (all arrows pointing in the same direction) and incongruent cues (when arrows point in various directions and user is directed to follow a specific color).

The Neuromechanical functionality of TRAZER is invaluable in work with seniors and in stroke, Parkinson’s and concussion recovery, reconnecting the dots between the brain + body while simultaneous strengthening under-utilized joints and limbs.

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Barry French Sr.,
Founder | Inventor | Innovator
December 28, 1948 – January 15, 2020

History of Innovation

The TRAZER Legacy

Movement science pioneer Barry French, Sr. imagined a technology that would track human movement in free space.  In his vision, there would be a 1:1 correspondence between the real world and the virtual world and the user’s body would act as a “joystick” to control an object on the screen. The virtual world would present challenges to be solved by the user — creating a synergy between vision, mind, and body.

Immediate and actionable information regarding the user’s movement characteristics that are imperceptible to the naked eye, such as reaction time, acceleration, deceleration and more would provide the user, his healthcare provider, his teacher, or coach with valuable data regarding the user’s performance.

And so it is that TRAZER, an acronym for Tracking Laser, was born.

Oprah, Disney, the Surgeon General, ESPN, Arnold, Katie Couric, and Cybex have all recognized and experienced the future of movement and performance via the TRAZER technology.  Now with more than 20 years of case studies, TRAZER is perfectly aligned at the intersection of biology, technology, and data.

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