Better Outcomes

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Better Outcomes = More Referrals

Whether walking, talking, or playing a sport – without the brain, the body can’t function. So why isn’t connecting the dots between the brain + body incorporated into physical recovery for better outcomes?

TRAZER connects the brain + body for better outcomes across a range of applications.


Better outcomes for end users – patients, athletes, seniors – translate to better outcomes for providers through increased referrals – directly from patients experiencing the benefits of TRAZER and from healthcare providers that need rehabilitation and PT resources that can effectively and efficiently manage recovery and reduce the risk of re-injury. In the care for seniors, families seek differentiated resources that will not only care for elderly family members but that will improve their quality of life and reduce risk for injuries resulting from falls and/or weakness.

Athletes from professional and college to high school sports seek an edge in their performance from injury recovery and prevention to improving their strength without injury or stress and enhancing their performance through strength, reaction times and more. TRAZER is that edge.

TRAZER gives providers technology and a key differentiator to provide better outcomes across the board and increase referrals.

Injury Prevention


Patients | Athletes | Seniors

  • Engaging, fun, and interactive activities enhance the experience.
  • Activities encapsulated in game-like environments keep Users focused longer for more accurate/comprehensive data.
  • Free of wires, sensors or attachments, Users move freely and more naturally for more accurate assessment.
  • Immediate on-screen feedback shows Users their progress over time, keeping them motivated and engaged.


Clinicians | Doctors & Therapists | Coaches & Trainers

  • Simple set-up with comprehensive onboarding, training and ongoing support.
  • Easy-to-use intuitive software and data portal.
  • Comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant reporting for standardized, objective, actionable feedback and reporting.
  • Immediate post-activity on-screen metrics highlighting performance history creates learning and reporting opportunities between users and providers.


Healthcare | Senior Care | Performance

  • Aligned with Part A and CPT 97 codes for Part B Outpatient Reimbursement.
  • Comprehensive activities that Assess, Rehabilitate, and Strengthen the body + brain allow for more effective treatment planning.
  • Standardized and objective reporting for insurance providers and treatment decision-makers.
  • Marketing support to assist in promotional efforts to drive more Users to TRAZER providers.

As a proprietary technology with issued and pending patents, TRAZER is the only solution measuring Dynamic Movement and Neuromechanics with the ability to assess, rehabilitate and mitigate risk. There is no other product with the comprehensive benefit to patients and organizations alike that engages the brain + body delivering better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Seeing is Believing

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