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Founded just outside of Cleveland in Westlake, Ohio in 2012 as a research and development company, Trazer Inc. is a leading innovator in technology that enhances and improves human performance at any age or physical capability. Partnering with leading researchers, practitioners, and professionals from healthcare, senior care, and elite performance, Trazer Inc. has introduced a game-changing technology to help every body move better.

Conceived by movement science pioneer, Barry French, Sr. and developed in concert with his wife MaryEllen and son Barry Jr., Trazer Inc. introduced the first scalable TRAZER® (Tracking + Laser) system in 2017. However, research into the science of movement (neuromechanics) and how the brain + body connect, began more than 20 years prior in the French family garage.

Now, through its multi-patented and HIPAA-compliant technology and algorithms in the TRAZER system, Trazer Inc. is perfectly aligned at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect. In addition to applications across a lifetime of movement, the Neuromechanical functionality of TRAZER has proven invaluable in work with seniors and in stroke, Parkinson’s, and concussion recovery.

Today, hundreds of TRAZER units are deployed, aiding in rehabilitation, senior care, and elite performance, to rehabilitate, strengthen, and mitigate risk, creating better outcomes for users, practitioners, and organizations.

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