Mission, Vision & Values

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Everybody moves. 

Our mission is to help every body move better by leveraging TRAZER® to strengthen the brain, body, and brain + body connection to improve cognitive and physical performance regardless of age or physical condition.


To enhance human performance by refining injury recovery and prevention through technology and data that measures and improves the brain + body connection over time.



We meet every challenge with creativity guided by experience, practicality, and determination to deliver products and services that continually raise the bar.


Fear hinders exploration and action. We think, act, and operate respectfully and responsibly, but without fear. 

By continually questioning what is, we achieve what can be.


We appreciate and value input, individuals, and ideas from across the spectrum of our company, clients, partners, and humanity. 

That’s why we listen.


We hold ourselves, our team, and company accountable for our words and actions; we do what we say we will.

The Facts. The Use. The Science.

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