3 x 3 Challenge


Located in the Brain Lounge during the 36th Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party, TRAZER will give NFL Teams an opportunity to win three TRAZER systems.

WESTLAKE, OHIO, February 9, 2023 – TRAZER a leader in body movement technology designed for physical rehabilitation, strengthening, and enhancing athletic performance, is challenging NFL Teams to participate in the TRAZER 3 x 3 Challenge for an opportunity to win three (3) TRAZER systems for one (1) year. Aligned at the intersection of biology, technology, and data, TRAZER is used in healthcare, senior care, and elite sports performance for its predictive, prescriptive, and preventative features that help users rehabilitate faster and stronger regardless of their age or physical capability.

The TRAZER 3 x 3 Challenge is open to players, coaches, trainers, and/or medical staff of every NFL team attending the 36th Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party. Participants will have an opportunity to complete the same predetermined activity up to three (3) times, each approximately 60-seconds. The high-powered depth sensing TRAZER camera will measure their speed and accuracy. The best score of the three, will be used as the participant’s entry. The participant achieving the best score will be the winner. The winner will be awarded the use of three complete TRAZER systems for one year as follows: one for their personal use, one for use by their team, and one for any non-profit of their choice focused on youth sports/health.

Dr. Randy Cohen, TRAZER VP of Elite Performance & Clinical Education and retired Associate AD Medical Services at the University of Arizona, a proponent and user of TRAZER in the Arizona football program for five years, will be on hand helping to manage the 3 x 3 Challenge. “All rehab is brain rehab. The focus of all rehab needs to be on having appropriate motor control for the injured body part to integrate into full speed functional activity. TRAZER provides a controlled environment with random stimuli and is the only technology that measures reaction time, speed, acceleration, and deceleration to note deficits that can put individuals at risk of injury or poorer performance, through leveraging immersive activities and a more natural environment and tracking progress and improvement over time.” Dr. Cohen adds, “The challenge will be a fun way to show how TRAZER works while giving us all an opportunity to give back.”

A guest of Neurologics, an innovative and highly effective brain function assessment and optimization company, TRAZER was invited to provide demonstrations of the TRAZER system in the Neurologics booth during the Super Bowl Party in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, February 11. TRAZER developed the 3 x 3 Challenge to help raise awareness of the importance of brain health and give back in a manner aligned with its commitment to helping achieve better outcomes. “TRAZER’s participation with us is a natural strategic partnership.  Both companies focus on helping individuals and teams achieve peak performance and the technologies complement each other,” said Karen Odell-Barber, Founder and Chairman of Neurologics.

“Demonstrating TRAZER as guests of Neurologics is as organic as a collaboration can get. In addition to our shared dedication to enhancing human performance through neuroscience, given the prevalence of concussions in the NFL and the concerted efforts to protect and rehabilitate athletes from traumatic head injuries, we can’t imagine a better opportunity. The 3 x 3 Challenge is simply a way to make giving back fun … and in the spirit of the Super Bowl, just slightly competitive,” explains TRAZER CEO Harlan Lyons.

The Neurologics booth will be in the Brain Lounge on the second level of the stadium at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Details and the official rules of the 3 x 3 Challenge can be accessed online: https://university.trazer.com/3x3challenge-official-rules



TRAZER is a leading innovator in technology that enhances and improves human performance at any age or physical capability. Aligned perfectly at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect, TRAZER was designed for physical rehabilitation, strengthening, and enhancing athletic performance. Capturing what the naked eye can’t through immersive simulation activities that generate data, TRAZER is predictive, prescriptive, and preventative. Featuring applications across the continuum of an individual’s movement history, TRAZER is currently in use by organizations in outpatient rehabilitation, senior care, collegiate athletics, and elite military training.

About Neurologics

Neurologics is an innovative and highly effective brain function assessment and optimization company utilizing FDA-registered technology and proprietary software. Neurologics Neuroengineering® is applied using qEEG to build and reinforce neural pathways that improve cognitive performance. Please visit Neurologics.com for more information.


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