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Everybody moves. TRAZER makes every body move better.

Aligned at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect, TRAZER combines immersive simulation, motion-capture analytics, and reaction-based challenges for physical rehabilitation, strengthening, and performance enhancement.


ACL & Knee Injuries | Concussion | High-ankle Sprains & Foot Injuries | Fall Risk Prevention | Shoulder Injuries

Asymmetrical Movement

Looking beyond isolated capacities and linear planes, asymmetries are a strong measure of injury risks that impact rehabilitation & performance.

A major factor in reducing risk of re-injury by strengthening deficits.


The ability to stop, pivot, and change direction makes a great athlete a super star athlete.

The ability to decelerate is critical for injury prevention in every body.

The Deceleration Index (DI) measures how athletes' deceleration compares to their acceleration.

Brain + Body Connection

All rehab is brain rehab. TRAZER features a Neuromechanical approach to assessment, training & rehabilitation to mirror life.

Training reactive-based unplanned movements or activities. Reaction times.

Leverage TRAZER data to be predictive, prescriptive, and preventative.

Sports Medicine | Rehabilitation | Performance Enhancement | Injury Prevention | Fall Prevention

The TRAZERXP Platform

Connecting the BRAIN + BODY


A high-powered depth-sensing camera tracks 32 points on the body capturing 30 frames per second (fps) for data accuracy

Software streams on TV/Display via HDMI connection

TRAZER can easily be mobilized to meet Users where they are

Simple set up and easy-to-use


150+ reactive-based challenges and injury specific protocols

Customizable Activities Library for efficiency and ease of use

Accommodates assistive devices and/or assisted participation without negatively impacting data

Engages Brain + Body for comprehensive analysis of physical and cognitive functions

Fun and engaging experience motivates users to improve compliance, reduce self-discharge and deliver better outcomes

Immersive simulation replicates life and sport to safely train Users for real-world situations in a controlled environment

Third-party login authentication ensures security and data validity

Data Analytics

Proprietary algorithms process millions of data points in real-time for immediate post-activity feedback via on-screen reporting

Data is stored on a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud for analytics, saving, sharing, printing or billing

Progression and degradation history are monitored

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Cognitive Reports
  • Symmetry Reports: Reaction Time | Speed | Acceleration | Deceleration
  • Sway (Balance) Reports
  • Kinematics (Motion Analysis)

Comparative visualizations for ease of tracking Progression/Degradation over time

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