TRAZER Solves Problems

There is a need for greater objectivity in movement assessments to provide actionable takeaways.

The TRAZER technology is solving the lack of objective and actionable data in:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation – Measures the patient’s progression through therapy and identifies asymmetries, allowing a more customized care plan and improved compliance through validation–”seeing is believing”; Objective outcomes and standardized protocols for safe return-to-function and prevention of re-injury.

Stability and Balance – Relies on standardized and objective data rather than the naked eye to measure Sway and Misses in TRAZER’s Balance Activities. By assessing patients in Balance as well as multi-directional movement patterns, you can identify the presence of asymmetry that could be the result of injury, disease or lifestyle, while helping the patient improve mobility and confidence in daily life.

Concussion Management – Uses TRAZER’s 6 phase Concussion Rehabilitation program to assess your patient in real-life multi-directional movement patterns and balance. Relies on objective data assist in making proper diagnoses and supporting decisions on Return-to-Play.

Athletic Training – Training Stronger, Faster, Safer. Maximizing movement, mitigating overtraining, and preventing injury.

And the technology in action? It’s simple:

Skeletal Multipoint Tracking: TRAZER objectively captures and measures movement in real time.

TRAZER Drill/Protocol:The user moves in free space and reacts to unplanned multi-directional stimuli.

Objective Report: Documents heart rate, acceleration, deceleration, jump height, speed over distance, balance, reaction time and more.

When the brain and body work together, individuals realize superior outcomes and improved health. Experience how TRAZER is changing the game by scheduling a demo today.