Cloud-Based Application for Rehabilitation, Athletic Training & Enhancing Human Performance Tracks and Measures Movement and Cognitive Function

CLEVELAND, OHIO, June 1, 2023 – TRAZER INC., an innovative leader in movement technology, is pleased to announce the release of TRAZER XP, the cloud-based next generation of the TRAZER System. TRAZER is a multi-patented technology designed for rehabilitation, athletic training, and enhancing human performance. Aligned perfectly at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect, the TRAZER system is unique in its ability to strengthen the connection between the brain + body™. With applications across healthcare, senior care, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and sports performance, TRAZER is empowering professionals with data that is predictive, prescriptive, and preventative.

The system, which includes specialized hardware with a high-powered depth-sensing camera, a cloud-based software application with proprietary algorithms, and a HIPAA-compliant portal for secure data storage and analytics, features more than 100 reaction-based activities and injury-specific protocols. The current version, TRAZER+, has been proven to reduce falls in seniors and was used in the widely publicized recovery of University of Alabama football star, Tua Tagovailoa, post “TightRope” surgery in 2018. And an independent 2020 study found that TRAZER reduced falls in seniors by 36% while improving physical and cognitive functions key to maintaining independence. Its proven injury-specific protocols have made TRAZER invaluable in collegiate training rooms, for elite military training as well as rehab for mTBI/blast concussions and orthopedic injuries, and for enhancing human performance regardless of age or level of physical capability.

“TRAZER XP takes the activities and tools proven over several years and makes them even more powerful through a camera upgrade for greater data accuracy and refinement in the user experience,” says TRAZER CEO Harlan Lyons. “While XP is the culmination of the hard work by our committed team with invaluable input from our customers, advisors, and partners, XP really began more than 25 years ago with TRAZER Inventor and Co-founder, Barry French Sr., and his idea to get kids moving. Today, we are proud to say there is no single system as comprehensive as TRAZER XP.”

The app-based software immerses users into reaction-based activities that track physical and cognitive reactions to generate data related to: Dynamic Movement, Kinematics, Balance, and Neuromechanics. The high-powered, depth-sensing camera tracks 32 key movement points on the body, processing millions of data points in real-time to provide immediate post-activity, on-screen feedback. From the online HIPAA-compliant portal, customers manage their locations and user information and use advanced TRAZER analytics to produce comprehensive, easily understood graphs and reports for all stakeholders.

Dr. Randall P. Cohen, TRAZER VP of Elite Performance & Clinical Education and retired Associate AD of CATS Medical at the University of Arizona, explains the unique features of TRAZER. “All movement is driven by the brain – that’s why we say, ‘all rehab is brain rehab’. So, the focus of all rehab and movement training needs to be on enhancing the brain and body connection to re-establish neural networks that were lost or damaged by injury, disease, or age – think of it as re-weighting information so it can transmit more smoothly to restore movement. TRAZER provides a controlled environment with random stimuli and is the only technology that measures awareness of an individual’s ‘place in space’, as well as their reaction time, speed, acceleration, and deceleration. TRAZER measures both physical and cognitive function, whether an individual can only reach from a seated position or can only take one step safely. At the other end of the spectrum, an athlete, for example, can be integrated into full-speed functional activity post-injury or work on enhancing performance or preventing injury. The care provider or trainer gets objective and actionable reporting – TRAZER highlights deficits or asymmetries that can put an individual at risk of injury or poor performance.” Dr. Cohen adds, “Because TRAZER is free of sensors or wearables, it allows us to put them safely into real-world situations and track progress and improvement over time more accurately.”

“TRAZER was designed to feel like a game to keep users engaged and working at their maximum potential, and the most valuable, and accurate data is captured when users are working their hardest – competing to beat their last score, or that of a teammate.” says Co-founder, Barry French Jr. “Users from 5 to 105 love using TRAZER, which is key post-injury to keep rehab patients engaged, and in senior care where fall prevention is critical. Our customers include very high-profile sports and physical therapy organizations; they’ve found the system’s ability to measure physical and cognitive reaction simultaneously to be incredibly valuable. Improvements at TRAZER are not limited to TRAZER XP. We have grown our team and expanded our capabilities in onboarding, support, and training to include a robust Customer Success Division, so every customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager guiding them throughout their TRAZER journey.”

TRAZER XP is available directly from the company. To learn more about TRAZER Contact TRAZER to schedule a product demonstration or visit to watch TRAZER in Action. Research, Testimonials, and White Papers are available for download at



TRAZER  is a leading innovator in technology designed for physical rehabilitation, athletic training, and enhancing human performance, regardless of age or physical capability. Aligned perfectly at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect, the TRAZER System captures what the naked eye alone cannot. Through immersive simulation, reaction-based challenges, and motion capture technology, TRAZER generates data that is predictive, prescriptive, and preventative. With featured applications that span the continuum of an individual’s movement history, TRAZER provides invaluable data on brain + body performance capabilities from cradle to grave.


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