CLEVELAND, OH — TRAZER, a neuromechanics technology company, announces today that it will honor founder Barry French Sr., with an icon that represents the technological ingenuity of his original invention and his spirit of helping people, now in the tens of thousands around the world. The icon design is a visual tribute to the ‘tracking-laser’ (TRAZER) technology he pioneered over 30 years ago in his garage, that evolved over time into the state-of-the-art connected brain/body health system that TRAZER is today.

“We wanted to do something special to honor my dad’s legacy.” says Barry French Jr., CEO of TRAZER. “The business was important to him, helping people through this technology was important to him. He talked about TRAZER with me, even in his final days. I’m going to proudly wear this icon, embroidered right over my heart, and carry on the TRAZER torch.”

The new TRAZER icon will lead a revitalized brand strategy beginning with a new website and a new series of short films entitled “Family in Motion”. Like his father Barry Sr., Barry Jr.’s charisma and passion for helping others through their multi-patented technology is preeminent.

“We’re a family company. We know relationships are everything in a family and in business.” says French Jr. “We’re looking to connect with people on an emotional and real level with the new short films we’re making about a family, connected by TRAZER.”

The TRAZER brand message of family, health, being active, and staying connected comes at a time when the world is experiencing unprecedented social-distancing and isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The characters and their stories are simply inspiring, beautiful.” adds French Jr. “We’re also painting a picture of the future of TRAZER as a connected telehealth platform.”

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TRAZER is a neuromechanics technology company that helps people live active lives; provides clinicians objective data to assess, train, and rehabilitate the brain and body; and enables organizations to grow their revenue through a connected platform and telehealth. For over 20 years, organizations have used TRAZER in orthopedic, neurological, senior, and sport performance settings to improve patient outcomes and organizational growth. To learn more about TRAZER visit