TRAZER+ Heart Rate Monitoring and Training

Heart rate is the center of every form of training, whether cardio, weights, HIIT, or other forms of resistance training. The real-time data of your heart rate, paired with the movement and performance data TRAZER tracks, allows you to train smarter by understanding how your brain and body are responding to the activity or drill.

Why is real-time data like heart rate so important in a User’s performance on TRAZER? It’s simple – your heart rate is one of the best indicators of how hard your body is working during training. For cardio work, you want to be in what is called “the training zone”. TRAZER is the only technology that can track real time heart rate and report heart rate variability during dynamic, real-world movement that challenges both brain and body simultaneously. To find your ideal Training Zone, take 220 minus your age, and multiply it by the workout intensity you are going for:

Making every minute of your training session count by tracking your heart rate increases your overall fitness and performance. Whether you are looking to slim down, tone up or everything in between, TRAZER provides brain and body connectivity to train, assess, and rehabilitate.

Optimizing your efforts when training has never been easier, more interactive or more fun. Experience the technology by scheduling a demo today.