CLEVELAND, OH (January 15, 2021) — TRAZER, a data driven medical and wellness technology focused on the assessment and enhancement of performance for the brain and body, integrates a new icon today, representing the technological ingenuity of Barry French Sr’s original invention and his mission to help people, now in the hundreds of thousands around the world. The iconic TRAZER is a visual tribute to French, pioneer and founder of the ‘tracking-laser’ (TRAZER) technology. This ground-breaking science, first seen over 25 years ago in French’s garage, has evolved into the state-of-the-art connected brain/body health system that TRAZER is today.

“We wanted to do something special to honor my Father’s legacy” says Barry French Jr., Chairman & CEO of Traq Global Ltd. “His mission in life was to create and deliver innovative technologies that had the ability to change lives across every population and demographic, from age 5 to 105. The business was important to him, and helping people through his technology was his greatest passion outside his family. I’m going to proudly wear this icon, embroidered right over my heart, and am honored to carry the TRAZER torch.”

The new TRAZER icon will brand a revitalized Company strategy beginning with a new website and enhanced mission. Barry Jr. has inherited his father’s charisma and passion for helping others, that is fueled by TRAZER’s multi-patented technology.

“TRAZER, is a family company. We know relationships are everything in a family and we take significant pride in building our business relationships and embracing them into the TRAZER Family.” says French, Jr. “The science of TRAZER connects the brain and body as nothing else does. Our mission is to carry that theme of connectivity beyond the individual’s health and healing. It has become our “world view” at multiple levels.”

TRAZER’s branded message of family, health, maintaining an active lifestyle, and staying connected comes at a time when the world is experiencing unprecedented social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve looked internally during this time to shift our priorities, accelerate our technology development, improve operations, and marketing. We are excited to share these advances that will lead to explosive growth in 2021.” adds French Jr. “The future picture of TRAZER is that of an exciting, revolutionary, connected technology for a connected world that will positively affect millions, if not billions of lives.”

Visit the new website to learn more about the technology, and add your email address to receive updates about the new brand.


TRAZER, is a neuromechanical technology that helps people live active lives; provides clinicians objective data to assess, train, and rehabilitate the brain and body; and enables organizations to grow their revenue through a connected platform and telehealth. For over 20 years, organizations have used TRAZER in orthopedic, neurological, senior, and sport performance settings to improve patient outcomes and organizational growth. To learn more about TRAZER visit