TRAZER Connects Thought Leaders with Educational Webinar Series

As a brand, it is our mission to be a thought leader in the industries we serve by connecting people to one another through the best content, education, case studies, outcomes, and stories of humanity.

“TRAZER is passionate about creating a movement of perpetual learning and innovation to drive markets forward—it’s in our DNA.” said Craig Waters.”We strive to be at the forefront of the intersection of biology and technology.”

Over the last two and half months we’ve hosted 9 webinars with some of the best influencers, clinicians, and researchers in the Healthcare and Performance space.

“We’ve enjoyed bringing this webinar series to everyone and hope the value has been as great for you as it has been rewarding for us to put together.” said Waters.

We look forward to continuing to create and share these experiences and thank you watching, participating, and sharing with your networks.

For your convenience, below you’ll find the webinar recordings and their topics. Enjoy!

Mike Voight

Integrating Technology to Optimize Rehab

Eric DeYoung

Risk, Prevention and Engagement: Helping Seniors Navigate in a Pandemic World

Randy Cohen

Integrating Neuromechanical Measures into Concussion & Orthopedic Rehab

Gary Wilkerson

The Perceptual-Motor Approach to Sport Injury Risk Management

Marques Ogden

Creating Success through Chaos

Sue Falsone

Rehab to Performance

Telehealth Panel Discussion

Athletics Market Panel Discussion

Research in Action Panel Discussion