The NFL is making data-driven progress on leg muscle injury prediction and prevention

It’s great to see the National Football League (NFL) taking action to lower the incredible number of lower extremity muscle related injuries. So many factors contribute to hamstring strains, calf, groin, and thigh problems, all of which are typically short lived, but detrimental to the player and the team. Why is the rate so high? Is it load, rest, overtraining, cognitive related issues? All of these and other factors likely play a role, but what about a player’s ability to decelerate, or slow momentum appropriately? Athletes have always been trained to be bigger, stronger, and faster, but rarely train to decelerate appropriately at high rates of speeds, and then rapidly change direction. It’s like a Ford with a Ferrari engine. You can accelerate to 200MPH, but with your Ford brakes, you’re going to run into a wall. Anthony Walker, Jr., Cleveland Browns, said; “You can train as much as you want and go through the whole thing, but there’s nothing you can do to replicate actual football and reaction, so I think the league is trying to figure out the best science. TRAZER provides an analogous environment to the real-world, in this case the Football field, and allows you to Measure What Matters. Reaction time, accelerations, decelerations, speed, etc. It now provides a Deceleration Index developed by leading researchers, clinicians, and experts associated with the NCAA and NFL Players Association. We believe it’s one major factor that can Change the Game in athletes of all ages and in any sport.
The National Football League (NFL) and NFL Players Association are making great strides in addressing the health and safety of its athletes. TRAZER is innovating and looking at performance and rehabilitation in new ways that can add value like;
1. Looking at the cognitive and physical simultaneously as well as the connection between them.
2. Identifying multi-directional asymmetries across speed, acceleration and deceleration, reaction time.
3. Challenging the athlete with dual tasking activities.
4. Measuring and Training deceleration.
TRAZER is working with many elite performance athletic organizations and looks forward to working with you.
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