Enhancing human health, wellness, and performance

"I have seen the future of athlete development, and it is called the TRAZER sport simulator!"
Barry Sanders
NFL Legend
"Your BODY is a TEAM, every part works together. That's what TRAZER does, it trains the whole body, all of the systems."
William White
Ohio State Collegiate All-American, 12-Year NFL Veteran
"We are extremely excited about the multiple applications of TRAZER. Each program provides objective data that enables us to track an athlete's progress & improvement. It is like having a "scoreboard" for rehabilitation. The athletes can see their progress & compete against each other in sports specific drills & games. The athletes also see the value in TRAZER and ask specifically to use it. I have no doubt that it will have a positive impact on our performance."
Jeff Allen
Director of Sports Medicine, Head Football Athletic Trainer, University of Alabama Football
"One of the biggest strengths of TRAZER is analyzing cognitive function and improving quality of life by finding things we can actually fix by measuring movement."
Dr. Randy Cohen
AT, DPT, Associate Athletics Director for Medical Services at the University of Arizona
"As a fighter pilot, I am always looking for ways to increase my flexibility and hand-eye coordination while I'm working out. As the TRAZER workout began, I felt engaged and could feel that it was testing my reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and mind-body connection. After half an hour on the TRAZER I felt like I had been on a treadmill for more than an hour. Also, I didn't have to add on separate balance and hand-eye coordination exercises since they had already been done during my TRAZER workout.Another huge benefit was being able to get instant feedback on my reaction time and build a set of goals to work towards. I was also able to analyze my heart rate throughout the workout and keep it at an ideal state for increasing my endurance. I highly recommend TRAZER to anyone who wants to simultaneously increase their strength, endurance, and mind-body connection in one simple to use, exciting workout system."
Ryan Bodenheimer
United States Air Force Fighter Pilot
"I'm a big advocate of using TRAZER to assess athletes in order to perform injury prevention training and strategies needed for return-to-play."
Dr. Gary Wilkerson
EdD Professor UT Chattanooga Health and Human Performance NATA Hall of Fame
"I initially thought TRAZER would work best (or only) with a younger patient. This does not appear to be the case. It works equally well across the lifespan. I have not found an age population that TRAZER does not work with... the TRAZER system has brought a lot of excitement to the clinic. Most importantly, it makes the rehabilitative process fun – ultimately increasing compliance which is critical for success.We've used TRAZER for all lower quarter pathologies regardless of severity, type, or age of patient. We've also used TRAZER for shoulder and lumbar spine patients with success. In a clinical study of ACL patients, we found that those who rehabbed on TRAZER came back faster and more completely than those who did not."
Mike Voight
DPT OCS, SCS, ATC, Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Belmont University, Nashville, TN
"I've never seen anything that measures lower extremity function better than the RAS-90. It allows me to look at an individual's ability to stop, start and change directions, 60, 70, 80 times in just 90 seconds."
Jack Marucci
Director of Athletic Training, Louisiana State University
"At Fitness for Health, we provide fitness, therapeutic programs, weight management services for children including those with sensory, attention and or developmental delays. Therefore, we are challenged to find creative and innovative techniques to improve visual/spatial awareness, recognition/cognition, motor skills, cardiac endurance and to build self esteem –the TRAZERs in our gym accomplish all this and more.TRAZER is used to design exercise programs for our clients and customize goals. It is a key component in our assessments. We also incorporate TRAZER to measure increases in visual and spatial awareness, coordination and enhanced reaction times. TRAZER has been instrumental in our ability to measure progress of our programming since it has measurable outcomes, memory and reporting capabilities."
Mark Sickel
Principal, Fitness for Health, Rockville, MD