The Power to Enhance Sports Performance

Reduce risk of injury or re-injury. Decrease recovery time. Improve strength and stamina.

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TRAZER for Sports Performance

TRAZER is the only technology of its kind that integrates proprioception to measure reaction time, speed, acceleration, and deceleration during dynamic movement.  The system works without wearables or sensors, so athletes move naturally in free space for more accurate data. 

Reaction-based activities incorporate both single- and dual-tasking, so TRAZER tracks and measures physical movement and cognitive performance. A high-powered depth-sensing camera tracks hundreds of thousands of points on the body capturing what the naked eye can’t while our proprietary software and algorithms process millions of data points in real-time for immediate post-activity feedback.

Engaging. Effective. The only technology of its kind designed to improve movement and cognitive performance.

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Objectively measure what matters to change your game.

Measure what matters

What sets TRAZER apart is based in patents around Dynamic Movement and Neuromechanics.

Neuromechanics is the search for understanding of everything behind movement— the observable end result of the interaction between three system processes — muscular, sensory, and cognitive. TRAZER is the only technology that assesses whole-body reaction time and conducts a functional movement assessment based on cognitive input, which is critical on every field.

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Examining and enhancing how the skeletal, muscular, and nervous system work together is key for elite athletes - whether for sport or military performance. While training isolated body parts can increase strength, training both the brain + body together improves reaction-based performance exponentially, critical to success on any field.

Injury Prediction And Prevention

Assessing and tracking asymmetry provides the ability to predict injury with greater accuracy and prevent it.


Engaging and competitive activities with immediate feedback drive athletes to longer and harder performance with low-perceived exertion rates making time on TRAZER more effective than stand-alone fitness equipment. -


Baselines and benchmarking provides the ability to make better, objective data-based decisions on return-to-play and return-to-action for concussions and orthopedic injuries.

Faster and Stronger Recovery

Leveraging TRAZER rehabilitation, drills, workouts and games, athletes engage the brain + body for comprehensive recovery that makes them stronger.


TRAZER features pre-defined training program that strengthen the brain + body connection and track movement over time to continually improve performance and decrease risk of injury or re-injury.

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