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Reduce Falls. Increase Mobility. Improve Quality of Life.

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How TRAZER works for Senior Care

The most recent CDC statistics (2018) report adults 65+ had at least one fall in the preceding 12 months; 35.6 million falls with 8.4 million fall-related injuries reported.

A 2021 CNA Insurance report cited fall-related allegations as the most common in both Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities.

In 2020, the average combined cost of a senior fall was $264K with quality-of-life costs averaging $204K+ (CDC). 

TRAZER gives providers the ability to measure a Senior’s movement asymmetry, reaction time, neuromechanical function, and deceleration metrics. TRAZER Activities are task-based and challenge proprioception in space to identify baseline proof points in an environment analogous to real life. 

TRAZER delivers data that is vital in Senior Fall Prevention. 

Fall Prevention + Balance + Mobility + Cognition

Improved outcomes + lowered costs.

deliver better outcomes for Seniors.




Improve Mobility. Predict + Prevent Falls.

TRAZER reproduces the challenges seniors may face without the constraints or risk factors inherent in the real world. Unlike with a pre-planned test, with TRAZER, seniors’ reaction time and decision-making skills are tested with real-time reactive responses through interactive and random challenges with a primary goal of promoting and maintaining functional independence.  

Activities that assess and train the brain + body together are the key to success.


One study resulted in a 34% Reduction in Falls.

In a baseline assessment using the the TRAZER Lateral Agility Screen (LAS 90) 65 Participants in 25 Senior Living Communities participated in a 5.5 Week Therapy Intervention Study. At the onset, the average gait speed among them was 0.89 feet per second. 5.5 Weeks — 36% Reduction in Falls.

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TRAZER Senior Care Falls Prevention Outcomes


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Better Outcomes. Better Business.


  • Engaging, fun, and interactive activities enhance the patient experience, increase compliance, and can be used with Assistive Devices.
  • Assessments encapsulated in game-like environments keep patients focused longer for more accurate/comprehensive data.
  • Free of wires or attachments, patients move freely and more naturally for more accurate assessment.


  • Simple set-up, and easy-to-use intuitive software that provides immediate biofeedback of Metrics with Progression and Degradation history.
  • Comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant reporting for objective + actionable feedback in Balance, Kinematics, Dynamic Movement & Neuromechanics.
  • Neuromechanical approach allows rehabilitation of both the brain + body together to improve reaction-based recovery exponentially, critical to optimized outcomes.


  • Aligned with Part A and CPT 97 codes for Part B Outpatient Reimbursement for more effective and streamlined billing.
  • Aligned treatment and activities allow for more effective treatment planning and more efficient business operations.
  • Better patient outcomes can translate to increased referrals – direct, provider and insurance.

Organizational Benefits

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