Restoring the Brain and Body Connection

As people age, physical limitation or other issues like inner ear ailments can cause them to become somewhat wobbly and have issues maintaining their balance. You can restore and improve your brain and body connection with TRAZER’s assessments and drills focusing neuromechanics, balance, dynamic movement, and kinematics.

TRAZER has six levels of specialized, interactive testing and rehabilitation for Knee, Ankle, Hip, Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation with an extraordinarily low perceived exertion rate. Patients are engaged which leads to longer and harder work sessions, resulting in stronger recovery over a compressed time frame.

Whether the patient begins with movements like heel to toe, sidestep, weight shift or anything in-between, the experience assesses reaction time and decision-making skills, being put to the test with real-time reactive responses through interactive and random challenges.

What this Means for Physical Therapy

When patients can see their improvements visit after visit, and have fun while using TRAZER, there’s no doubt they will follow through to the end of their rehabilitation.

TRAZER technology is the key to restoring function and mobility while providing patients with a rehabilitation experience that leads to improved care and clinic efficiency. But it doesn’t stop there.

With TRAZER, you can…

Differentiate your practice with cutting-edge technology

Enhance outreach to physicians

Add new revenue streams

And mitigate liability through objective tracking and reporting

Here’s how our technology is revolutionizing rehabilitation:

We found that those who rehabbed on TRAZER came back faster and more completely than those who did not” – Mike Voight, DPT, OCS, SCS, ATC Professor, Department of Physical Therapy Belmont University, Vanderbilt University.

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