Better Value-Based Rehabilitation Outcomes

Objective & actionable data, driven from the brain + body.

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How TRAZER Works for Rehabilitation

TRAZER has six progressive levels of specialized, interactive testing and rehabilitation for Concussion, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation with an extraordinarily low perceived exertion rate.  

Patients are engaged with both brain and body which leads to longer and harder work sessions, resulting in stronger recovery over a compressed time frame.

Ortho + Neuro Rehabilitation

Empowering better outcomes + new revenue

Intuitive Interface. Engaging Activities. Robust Reporting.

Detailed assessment and treatment of mobility in upper and lower extremities through patented technology that captures what the naked eye can’t.

TRAZER ensures objectivity in treatment plans by establishing baseline proof points for patients and insurance providers with detailed tracking/reporting of progression and degradation over time.

Better Outcomes. Better Business.


  • Engaging, fun, and interactive activities enhance the patient experience, increase compliance,  and can be used with Assistive Devices.
  • Assessments encapsulated in game-like environments keep patients focused longer for more accurate/comprehensive data.
  • Free of wires or attachments, patients move freely and more naturally for more accurate assessment.


  • Simple set-up, and easy-to-use intuitive software that provides immediate biofeedback of Metrics with Progression and Degradation history.
  • Comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant reporting for objective + actionable feedback in Balance, Kinematics, Dynamic Movement & Neuromechanics.
  • Neuromechanical approach allows rehabilitation of both the brain + body together to improve reaction-based recovery exponentially, critical to optimized outcomes.


  • Aligned with Part A and CPT 97 codes for Part B Outpatient Reimbursement for more effective and streamlined billing.
  • Aligned treatment and activities allow for more effective treatment planning and more efficient business operations.
  • Better patient outcomes can translate to increased referrals – direct, provider and insurance.

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Every injury is a brain injury. TRAZER® re-connects the dots between the brain and the body to rehabilitate and enhance the system comprehensively.
Randy Cohen
Associate Athletic Director Medical Services, University of Arizona

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