Preventing Sports Injuries! Can we do better? by Randy Cohen, VP Elite Performance & Clinical Education

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia & New Zealand has begun

As anticipation builds for the action, captivating stories, and intense drama of the 32 teams competing, sidelined stars with significant injuries (especially ACL) have dimmed the event. While common in every sport, injuries are particularly prevalent in women’s soccer. In fact, women are twice as likely as men to sustain Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries. (source) The article below sheds light on the various challenges and important information on the topic.

Unfortunately, despite the advancements in equipment, facilities, and education on the range of factors impacting injury for sports care and performance professionals, injuries have not decreased. This begs the question: should we break away from or add to conventional practices and explore new and innovative approaches?  Rachel Frank, MD, associate professor of orthopedics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine had some thoughts and experiences highlighted in this article.

TRAZER is at the forefront of incorporating innovative techniques such as dual tasking, multi-sensory assessment, and specialized training and rehabilitation activities that impact recovery as well as physical and cognitive performance. Our technology not only measures the speed of movement, but also focuses on aspects key to performance and injury prevention such as deceleration, pivoting, proprioception, and spatial awareness. Through motion capture analytics over time, TRAZER-generated data helps sports performance and care professionals accurately track and measure the progress or decline of athletes. We know TRAZER isn’t the only solution, but it is a real solution that addresses real issues in real time at 30 frames per second. See several recent research that supports looking at or adding new ways to rehabilitation and training.

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