Performance, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation – UEFA Youth League & FC Basel






Very exciting to see these videos of players (from FC Basel 1893) in the UEFA Youth League using the TRAZER technology, recently. Check out some of the videos from the day.

Gernot Nischwitz has been a TRAZER user and for several years now sharing some excellent research and content around injuries, training, assessment, data, rehabilitation, concussion, performance and more. He continues to work with some of the highest level European professional and youth football players. Below are a couple studies he highlighted and commented on,

Recently he commented on the article entitled Premier League injuries – ‘Players can’t deal any more with this overload’

Gernot’s commentary on the article about Premier League injuries– “As a sport physiotherapist, not only is it our job to treat sports injuries, but we also have a responsibility to ensure that players are not overworked and not put at risk of injury. Despite all the electronic helpers, it is easy to forget the actual actor, the human being in the player. In order not to overload it, it is necessary:▶️ Communication with the staff▶️ Monitoring (load data and conversations with players)▶️ Hands-on treatment (conversations with players)▶️ Nurturing (talking to players)▶️ Trust (conversations with players)▶️ Experience (e.g. through conversations with players)What results is close monitoring of training load (internal and external) and implementation of evidence-based injury prevention strategies are critical. Check out this interesting article on injuries and strain in football (overcrowded schedules).”

Why Partner with TRAZER?

Gernot’s comments on TRAZER for looking at Neuro-athletic-motor and cognitive systems – “The quantification of sport-specific movement sequences is essential for the early detection of compensatory movement patterns and weak points in the ✅ Neuro-athletic-motor and cognitive system in professional Athletes and the youth sectors. Knowing about these weak points gives us the opportunity to eliminate them and to train away chronicle and acute overload patterns with one System. The human eye is deceptive and leads to non-reproducible, reliable results. No matter whether✅ Rehabilitation,✅ Injury Prevention✅ Training✅ Diagnostics✅ RTP Test batteriesQuantification and data evaluation of✅ Acceleration,✅ Deceleration,✅ Changes of direction,✅ Reaction time,✅ Oculomotor skills,✅ Neuro-cognitive processing,✅ Mobility,✅ Joint position,✅ Compensatory evasive movements,✅ Balance,✅ Concussions and many others One system one data evaluation. No system is currently more comprehensive than the TRAZER system.”

On the Data and why he uses the system?

“What do you do with the data? Can you draw the right conclusions from this and provide the athlete with special training sessions to minimize the risk of injury when changing direction? It’s important to remember that most ligamentous injuries in football occur when changing direction. This is where the TRAZER system comes in, because it not only visualizes the problem but also trains it at the same time (if you want). No doubt there are a variety of systems out there, I looked at a few before choosing the TRAZER system but none of the other systems combined data analysis and training as impressively as the TRAZER system. Apart from that, it is mobile, which means I also use the system on a grass pitch with football boots and can therefore carry out football-specific tests in the player’s environment.”

Thank you Gernot Nischwitz for the great work that you do and what you do for the athletes, teams and sport overall. Thank you also to Markus Kugler for the videos from FC Basel.