TRAZER technology combines augmented reality, motion capture analytics, and reaction-based challenges to drive better outcomes for Patients, Clinicians, and Organizations.

Aligned perfectly at the intersection of biology, technology, and data, TRAZER’s multi-patented neuromechanical systems engage the brain + body to provide insights that are prescriptive, predictive and preventative.

Designed for injury recovery, injury prevention, and enhancing performance, TRAZER aligns perfectly at the point where biology technology, and data intersect to track, measure, and improve physical and cognitive function regardless of age or capability.

A multi-purpose technology with wide-ranging applications spanning healthcare, senior care, sports, wellness, orthotics & prosthetics, and workplace injury prevention, TRAZER helps every body move better.

Learn how TRAZER delivers Better Outcomes for Users and Providers


TRAZER makes every body move better.

The power to identify weakness imperceptible to the human eye. Impacting rehabilitation, training, and performance, TRAZER is the only technology of its kind that strengthens the Brain + Body™ connection.

Combining immersive simulation and reaction-based challenges with motion-capture technology and advanced analytics, TRAZER identifies areas of weakness, tracking key metrics related to Balance, Dynamic Movement, Kinematics, and NeuromechanicsAligned perfectly at the point where biology, technology,  and data intersect, The TRAZER® System was created to deliver better outcomes for Users, Providers, and Organizations.

TRAZER is simple to integrate and easy to use. We understand that no matter how effective and robust a technology may be, it only works if it works for you. The TRAZER System is a turnkey provider-driven solution that includes comprehensive Onboarding, on-demand Training, accessible Support, and a dedicated Customer Success Team. 

injury recovery

A tech-driven iteration of Assess, Reassess, and Progress.

Injury-specific Assessments and Protocols support holistic rehabilitation and data-driven decisions for return-to-activity | play | work. TRAZER engages Users while establishing Baselines and Benchmarks for physical and cognitive function. Quantitative data and a robust HIPAA-compliant data analytics portal help Providers track, measure, and report progression / degradation to plan treatment or training accordingly.

All rehab is brain rehab. TRAZER activities strengthens the Brain + Body™ connection enabling holistic rehabilitation.


Measure what matters to mitigate risk.

Knowledge is power. Understanding deficits in key areas such as Acceleration & Deceleration, Balance, Cognitive Accuracy, Dynamic Reaction to Visual Cues, and Speed helps reduce the risk of injury or re-injury. Whether pre- or post- employment, injury, or sports season, TRAZER identifies weaknesses and strengthens deficits to help keep Users – Athletes, Employees, Patients, Seniors, and Weekend Warriors – performing at their optimum level.

Data-driven decisions. TRAZER generates quantitative data and objective reports that help actively prevent injury and mitigate risk.


The brain drives the body; TRAZER drives both.

TRAZER enhances the Brain + Bodyconnection. Whether elite athletes in training, children on the autism spectrum learning math, individuals leveraging prosthetics for mobility, seniors performing ADL, or workers challenged by heavy bending, lifting, or repetitive motion, TRAZER Activities drive optimal performance regardless of age or physical capability. 

Continually elevate what 100% looks like. Everybody moves. TRAZER makes every body move better.

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aligned perfectly at the point where biology, technology, & data intersect

TRAZER Activities measure what matters:

  • Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Balance (Sway)
  • Dynamic Reaction Time™
  • Kinematic Joint Angles
  • Left/Right Asymmetries
  • Progression & Degradation
  • Reaction Time to Visual Cues
  • Speed & Distance Traveled
  • Targets Achieved


Increase strength and coordination to enhance athletic performance, reduce risk for falls, and/or test for return-to-activity | play | work.


Identify and monitor movement asymmetries and reaction time to help prevent injury, improve recovery, and enhance performance.

Kinematics 1@2x-100


Improve performance through better understanding of the body’s position (joint angles).

Artboard 1@2x


Assess the combined roles of the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems and they interact to produce the motion required to complete a task.

TRAZER In Action

TRAZER engages the Brain and Body™ through immersive reaction-based Activities.
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Data points tracked per individual session from 32 points on the body.
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