Gary Wilkerson – Basic Principal of Brain Perceptual Processing and Execution of Body Movement Responses

TRAZER presents the next webinar in our educational series “Basic Principal of Brain Perceptual Processing and Execution of Body Movement Response” presented by Gary Wilkerson Ed.D, ATC, FNATA and hosted by Randy Cohen, DPT, ATC on Novemeber 16th at 11:30

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Gary’s Bio only tells part of the story for this renowned researcher, professor and Athletic Trainer.

His research biography includes 115 publications that he was part of and over 1650 citations.

TRAZER has been very fortunate to work with Gary as an advisor and learn from the publications that he has been part of since the early days of the technology. Some of the research using TRAZER that Gary has published include (click on each paper to learn more);

  1. Neuromechanical Considerations for Postconcussion Musculoskeletal Injury Risk Management
  2. The Need for Clinical Assessment of Perception-Action Coupling Capabilities
  3. Modifiable Neuromechanical Impairments among Elite Athletes with Sport-Related Concussion History.pdf
  4. Association of Concussion History with Neuromechanical Responsiveness Asymmetry
  5. Association of Heart Rate Variability with Perceptual-Motor Measures among ROTC Cadets
  6. Detection of Persisting Concussion Effects_MedSciSports Exerc 2018
  7. Effects of mTBI on Neuromechanical Function of Olympic-Level Boxers
  8. Improvement of Perceptual-Motor Function among Elite Athletes with Concussion History

QUOTES from Gary Wilkerson

“I’m a big advocate of using TRAZER to assess athletes in order to perform injury prevention training and strategies needed for return-to-play.”

“TRAZER’s launch of the Lateral Agility Screen (LAS – 20) performance data can provide an extremely valuable reference for the extent to which an athlete’s normal perception-action capabilities have been retained, lost, or restored following injury.” – Dr. Gary Wilkerson, Graduate Athletic Training: Human Health and Performance University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.