Data Accuracy


Camera Accuracy: The TRAZER+ unit features the Microsoft Kinect 2 Camera which has been proven to accurately measure movement within the TRAZER zone with less than 1% margin of error.

Data Accuracy: TRAZER used third-party independent researchers to validate our data against the gold standard – Vicon and Qualysis – and our ICC correlations on a 0 to 1 scale, 1 being the best, proved to be .85 or better.

Specifically, as it relates to Balance, TRAZER data was found to be “as valid as four (4) independent raters and a video camera.” (Belmont University)


Camera Accuracy: TRAZER XP uses the Azure Kinect Camera. Preliminary independent review and testing has found accurate measurement of movement within the TRAZER zone with less than 1% margin of error.

An independent evaluation published in the National Library of Medicine: Evaluating the Accuracy of the Azure Kinect and Kinect v2 found the “… Azure Kinect to have improved accuracy in both spatial and temporal domains as compared to the Kinect v2 …”

Data Accuracy: As the primary difference between TRAZER+ (T+) and TRAZER XP (XP) is the size of the hardware, camera, and deployment – XP is cloud-based – we are confident that the data accuracy is at a minimum of .85 or better. However, the company has commissioned an independent third party to evaluate the accuracy of TRAZER data.

Explaining extreme changes in results.

Movement is noisy. The camera featured in TRAZER XP is so powerful, and we’re measuring so fast, that it will pick up even the most nuanced change in movement. However, over time with continual and consistent testing, the deficits of an individual can be determined.

Inconsistencies found are in the individual not the system. TRAZER targets are exactly in the same position every time and are the same size, challenges will lie in a User’s proprioception – that is, their ability to find their place in space. TRAZER is the ONLY technology available that specifically strengthens the connection between the brain + body.

The camera is so powerful that we are still learning along with our customers the extent to which the detailed data we’re gathering is impactful. What we do know is that the data that is generated allows us to identify areas of weakness, trends in performance, and variability, and strengthens both physical and cognitive performance in the most efficient and effective manner.