Bridging the Gap between Real World and Clinic, Training Room, or Field of Play

At TRAZER we are curious how others are being innovative and bridging the gap between the physical therapy clinic, training room, the fitness center, and how the tools used in those environments are translating to success for the patients, or clients in the real world?







TRAZER’s ability to replicate an environment analogous to the “Real World” is what really matters. No other technology can place someone in an immersive simulation and measure how they perform in their everyday lives like TRAZER. If you want to truly measure fall risk, measure it by looking at their ability to move and respond in the real-world. If you want to assess someone’s risk of injury, do it in a real world environment. If you want to measure if someone is ready to return to play (athletes), activities of daily living (seniors), or return to health safely (general population), then do it in a real-world environment that’s safe.

If you want to rehab, train, or enhance someone’s abilities, do it in a real world environment that directly transfers to their everyday lives. Ask what other technology measures how well you see (ocular), process (cognitive function), and then move (physiological) APPROPRIATELY to ensure you prevent injuries / falls and perform at your peak both physically and cognitively.

TRAZER is very inexpensive. If a physical therapy facility actually analyzed how much they spend for a balance technology and kinematic platform, they would find TRAZER not only provides as good or better balance and kinematic applications, but comes with the most important bonus applications of dynamic movement and neuromechanics.

TRAZER’s does what others do, and does it well. But, TRAZER does what no one else can do and that’s what really matters! Brain + Body! Learn more about how TRAZER is Changing the Game at