Barry’s Garage Podcast Now Live

What does TRAZER have in common with Disney, Apple, Nike, and Google? They all started in a garage.

The TRAZER family is excited to announce Barry’s Garage podcast is officially launched and available wherever you listen to podcasts. Tune into episode 1.

Barry’s Garage podcast is an entrepreneurship-focused podcast telling real stories about Barry Sr.’s vision of TRAZER, and more from key members of the TRAZER family.

It takes a true visionary to change the future, and that is exactly what TRAZER’s late founder, Barry French Sr., aimed to do.

Hear from Barry French Jr., TRAZER’s CEO, as he introduces the significance of Barry’s Garage podcast, and learn more about the evolution of the TRAZER technology from founding to today.

Entrepreneurial spirit. Technology for the future. Real stories. It all started from Barry’s Garage.