4 Ways to Grow Your Physical Therapy Business

Increased engagement and patient interactions increases compliance.

Nothing is worse than patients who stop showing up when they have not completed therapy. TRAZER’s measurement of multi-directional symmetry provides an objective metric that gives your patient a goal prior to release. Our red, yellow and green stoplight report emphasizes where they are in the rehabilitation process. Statistics show that pain levels decrease enough so that the patient feels fully functional when they are still 25-30% asymmetrical. As a therapist, you can see that they need more work, but they may be reluctant to invest the time and money into more visits unless they understand the process. TRAZER allows you to educate them at the beginning of their therapy journey. Without TRAZER’s objective data, you may lose revenue from lost visits, but more importantly, the patient has a 20-30% increased risk of reinjury in 6 months or less because they have not completed their treatment. Make the experience and relationship more engaging and something they look forward to and bring them into the progress discussion so they understand why they need to keep coming to get the best results. Objective data, on demand biofeedback and progression can help them understand where they are in their treatment. Setting clear goals that the patient is aligned and committed to is also critical. If you increase your compliance from 80% to 95% using an average 12 visit per patient, you lift your average visits per patient by 15% or 1.8 visits per patient. This translates to $180 per patient using $100 average revenue per visit. That adds up fast and makes a measurable difference over the course of a month or a year.


Maximize Reimbursement and code at the top of your license.

Are you tracking time and looking at the efficiency of your schedule? Are you using the most effective modalities to maximize your reimbursement potential? Most practices struggle to bill efficiently and effectively. They typically fall back on the same procedures and methods which yield the same results. Integrating technology to facilitate therapy interventions that advance your professional image, while improving your reimbursement, is the future potential of physical therapy and optimizes you potential earnings.

TRAZER through motion capture via optical tracking and computer simulation brings standardized, objective, reproducible and accurate assessment data to the clinic. It offers scripted training modalities and tracks the outcomes of the patient care path over the full time-line of recovery. TRAZER reports support your clinical decisions on progress and need for modification. TRAZER also tracks time for every session providing the documentation necessary for the unit billings and the ability to look at the efficiency of your sessions. By using higher paying CPT codes and documenting time accurately, you can see a 15-25% lift in reimbursement rates.

Payor Validation/Justification

Do you have adequate documentation to ensure approval for authorization for start of care or additional visits by the referring physician or payor? ;Is your documentation objective? Is it actionable and supportive of a clinical decision for continued treatment? Reimbursement is all about the data and documentation. Stay organized, demonstrate progress and document functional improvement. Strong documentation and data also ensure success when audited by the government or insurance carriers. High scoring quality measures can support approvals for more visits. Successful audits will not only drive significant additional revenue for your business, but also ensure that the recovery for your patient is completed, thereby lowering the risk of reinjury.

TRAZER can help you align patient, business and payor goals to optimize your practice at every level. TRAZER through its objective data and reporting provide strong evidence and support of the plan of care of the patient, as well as the progression of the rehabilitation. When additional visits are needed to avoid risks of reinjury and completion of the recovery, the historical graphic information is there to provide to the payor.



New patients are out there, but you have to market yourself to find them. Outreach into the community and in-reach events, such as baseline testing for the local school age sports teams, fall prevention screenings for seniors and more will drive traffic, referrals and fun to your location. Drive the FUN in FUNctional therapy. Integrating technology into these programs can bring your programs to life, creating fun and engagement. Providing in the moment objective data encourages your audience to want to improve their overall health and well-being. Sharing their results with your professional partners drives new referrals. Utilizing social media campaigns, active videos of patients making gains and showcasing your facility will increase consumer traffic to your practice.

TRAZER brings all of the above to your marketing toolkit, creating excitement, visibility and engagement that you can’t get from the traditional modalities alone. Gamification and Connection through Actionable Data that tracks and documents progression over the continuum of care makes TRAZER a game changer.


Find out how to get started and drive more ROI in your organization with TRAZER!!