30th Anniversary of the First Arthroscopic Hip Procedure

following a previous accident. Dr. Thomas Byrd was asked by another surgeon if he might be able to remove them with the arthroscope instead of doing an open operation with surgical dislocation of the hip. Avoiding an invasive procedure would make a big difference for this young man. Nothing like this had been done previously.

Dr. Byrd leveraged the skills taught to him by his mentor, Dr. James Andrews, for removing loose bodies from other joints and devised a method to remove these from the hip. The surgery was a success and 30 years later has become a routine procedure.

In 1994, Dr. Byrd first published the Supine Technique for performing Hip Arthroscopy, which has become the most commonly used method around the world. Dr. Byrd and his colleagues, Dr. Mike Voight and Dr. Ashley Campbell at The Nashville Hip Institute continue to inspire, mentor, and practice—making countless impacts on the quality of life for so many, everyday.

From everyone here at TRAZER, thank you, the world is a better place because of the work you do.

Watch Dr. Byrd Describe Hip Arthroscopy
Videos Courtesy of The Nashville Hip Institute