TRAZER technology combines augmented reality, motion capture analytics, and reaction-based challenges to drive better outcomes for Patients, Clinicians, and Organizations.

Aligned perfectly at the intersection of biology, technology, and data, TRAZER’s multi-patented neuromechanical systems engage the brain + body to provide insights that are prescriptive, predictive and preventative.

TRAZER technology combines immersive simulation, motion capture analytics, and reaction-based challenges to help every body move better.

Designed for physical rehabilitation, strengthening, and enhancing athletic performance, TRAZER aligns perfectly at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect to engage the brain + body and provide insights that are prescriptive, predictive, and preventative.

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Better Outcomes For Users, Providers, and Organizations

The multi-patented TRAZER system consists of a CPU housing a specialized hard drive, a high-powered depth-sensing camera, and proprietary HIPAA-compliant software that tracks 25 points on the body to process millions of data points in real-time.

TRAZER generates objective measurements for more accurate evaluation of orthopedic and cognitive performance for better outcomes in physical therapy, rehabilitation, senior care and in the enhancement of performance in elite athletes.

Everybody moves.

TRAZER makes every body move better.


TRAZER captures what the naked eye can’t.  Proprietary algorithms identify asymmetries and deficits in movement patterns, critical in risk assessment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

TRAZER identifies areas of weakness creating the ability to predict risk.


TRAZER establishes baseline proof points through detailed reporting of progression and/or degradation over time. Baselines and benchmarks give providers and insurance companies comprehensive brain + body data to ensure objectivity in planning treatment.

TRAZER delivers activities that strengthen the brain + body connection to enhance performance and enable better rehabilitation.


TRAZER data — generated from reaction-based activities — allows providers to more effectively evaluate neuromechanical function key in the prevention of injury and re-injury regardless of age or physical ability. 

TRAZER optimizes the brain + body connection to make every body move better.

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The TRAZER+ Platform

Connecting the BRAIN + BODY


Activity Library of 150+ interactive challenges built to assess different types of movement: Dynamic Movement, Kinematics, Neuromechanics, and Balance

Accommodates assistive devices and/or assisted participation without negatively impacting reporting

Engages Brain + Body for comprehensive benchmarking, analysis, reporting and care planning

Fun and engaging User experience drives compliance and better outcomes


High-powered camera resides in TRAZER hardware

Software streams on TV/Display via HDMI connection

TRAZER can easily be mobilized to meet Users where they are

Simple set up and easy-to-use

Data Analytics

Millions of data points captured during Activities

Metrics are reported immediately on-screen and stored on a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud

Progression and degradation history are monitored

TRAZER In Action

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TRAZER's interface naturally engages the brain and body through 150+ scripted and customizable activities
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Completed testing activities and programs to date
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Data points tracked per individual session from 25 points on the body