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Connected by love, connected by TRAZER
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About Family in Motion
Stories of one family, their relationships, and how TRAZER connects them
"It's incredible how we're all not only connected as family, but by TRAZER, too."
The Family in Motion stories orbit around Camilla, daughter of Byron Sr. and Mary, who is on her way to get married when a traumatic car crash leaves her fighting for her life. Camilla goes on to weave together her story about how she got back on her feet and how TRAZER gave both she and her Doctor, Lauren, the confidence to get back to her life. A number of members of her family have used TRAZER in their lives as well. Camilla and her family share with us their unique and heartwarming stories of what it means to be a family living in different places, caring about each other, and living a healthy and active life.
Meet the Family
Connected by love, connected by TRAZER
Daughter of Byron Sr. and Mary
Camilla is full of life, a great friend, and the kind of person who brings energy and joy wherever she goes. She is athletic and an outdoorswoman. When we meet her, she is hours from her wedding to Michael, looking forward to starting and building a life together. Everything changes when she gets into a car accident on the way to the wedding.
Father of Camilla
Byron works hard to stay fit for his job as the head Athletic Trainer for an NCAA sports program and to engage with Byron, Jr, his son. He also wants to look his best for Camilla's wedding. He wants to show her that he does care and wants to be a key part of her life (he hasn't always been, much to his regret). He drives her to use TRAZER for her rehab after the accident.
Camilla's Mother
Mary has been using TRAZER to help with recovery assessment after knee surgery. She's also found that meditation helps her physical and emotional recovery. Formerly married to Byron, Sr., she's now happily married to Greg. She's a career PT and believes in the benefits of TRAZER, re-affirmed through her own injury.
Mary and Camilla are close and talk all the time, but not much with Byron Sr. She's awesome with her grandkids and was excited Camilla is finally going to tie the knot. She is scared and worried for Camilla--both her physical and emotional recovery as well as her general happiness.
Grandma Jean & Grandpa Joe
Camilla's maternal grandparents
Camilla's maternal grandparents, are slowing down with age (as we all do), but are still active, taking walks and visiting family often. They cherish their independence--they live in the same house they have for 45 years and able to do most things on their own. Or at least they were until Joe fell and broke his hip. This severely restricted his mobility and their freedom. Joe is using TRAZER as part of his recovery assessment and plan. While Joe and Jean worry about maintaining their independence and connection with family, they are encouraged by the TRAZER-assisted recovery.
Dr. Lauren Hope
The Family Doctor
Dr. Lauren Hope, a local highly-regarded physician who helped Camilla with her recovery using TRAZER and who is now also treating Grandpa Joe & Grandma Jean, helping Joe recover from his fall & helping them both develop the knowledge & physical skills to prevent future falls.
Like most doctors, she wants to find the best ways to help patients. She and her research colleagues fully believe that TRAZER is a desirable, proven, incredibly helpful tool. She helps make her patients and colleagues aware of its potential and would like to see its use greatly expanded.
Uncle Cal
Camilla's Uncle
Cal(vin), Camilla's uncle (Byron Sr.'s brother), is a clinical researcher and a workaholic. In addition to his life being out of balance, he has trouble with actual physical balance as a side effect of a concussion/TBI playing football when he was younger.
He is a career bachelor and recently broke up with his girlfriend, again. He treats Camilla almost like his own daughter. He wants her to find the happiness in life that he feels he has never found and is a big fan of Michael. He is just as worried and scared as the rest of the family by Camilla's accident. Cal uses TRAZER on campus via telemed appointments with his doctor/physical therapist.
Byron Jr.'s Mother
Vivian, Byron Jr.'s mom, is re-married, happy, and peaceful. She enjoys yoga and meditation. Byron Jr. has learned mindfulness from Vivian.
Vivian came to yoga and meditation after tearing an ACL years ago. She knew of TRAZER from Byron (Sr), and used it to help aid and speed her recovery. She is keenly aware of the importance of aligning mind, body, and spirit for injury recovery and life generally.
While Camilla is not her daughter, Vivian is very concerned about her--both her physical recovery and mental recovery. She knows how difficult the recovery struggle can be. She also sees how Camilla's accident has affected Byron, Jr., -- sadness, stress, worry, fear, etc.
Bryon Jr.
Camilla's younger half brother
Byron, Jr., son of Byron and Vivian, is a star high school athlete looking to play football in college. He wants to focus on science in college, then studying to become an orthopedic surgeon, where he wants to use TRAZER as a tool.
He has been able to see TRAZER in action and to use it thanks it being a key tool in his Dad's work as head AT. Byron actually used TRAZER regularly as a tool to show where he was at in comparison to existing big time college athletes. This may help him open up options to colleges via athletic (especially an additional scholarship). He is especially interested in TRAZER now as a tool to help his sister, Camilla recover.
Michael Goodman
Camilla's fiancé
Michael is an easy-going, happy, active, outdoorsman who surfs. He is devoted to Camilla. A former entrepreneur, he became an elementary school teacher after selling his business. He's seen how TRAZER has helped Camilla, and he's learned that the technology can also help individuals with autism. One of his students is on the spectrum. Michael is using his business skills and passion now to build community and investor support to get TRAZER into the school system and community.
Benjamin & Olivia
Students in Michael's Class
Benjamin is a 7 year-old boy in Michael's 2nd grade class. He had a hard fall while climbing a tree in his yard, resulting in a concussion and a trip to the hospital. The doctors said that he should be fine, Understandably, his parents are concerned. They have asked teachers, including Michael, to be on the lookout for any possible changes in behavior, including difficulty concentrating in class. His doctors are using TRAZER as part of the assessment and monitoring.

Olivia is a 7 year-old girl in Michael's 2nd grade class, is on the autism spectrum. She can have difficulty with social situations, can act impulsively or have trouble regulating her emotions, and sometimes struggles with language. She sometimes struggles with coordination, too. She's best buddies with Benjamin.

As part of the ongoing support systems her parents have set up, she sometimes uses TRAZER to help improve her coordination. She seems to have an easy time expressing her emotions to the TRAZER tech, and it's clear that she loves her TRAZER sessions. The joy these sessions bring her, and the improvement these sessions are helping her make with her coordination sometimes nearly bring tears to her parents they are so happy.